Aooo​!​!​! (Gettin Lycan Wit It)

from by Church Of The Helix Choir




Free-spirited girl by day, terrifying werewolf by night!
(Like a Pokémon named after it's vocalization, her name is actually "Aooo")

Trapinch, her trusty sidekick, makes some sick trap beats, obviously because his name is Trapinch. When he decides to produce a song about his partner, Aooo isn't immediately pleased and butts in with her own sugary kawaaaaii desu ne version. But Trapinch isn't having it. How will the song end???



Like a werewolf
I gotta scratch this itch
The moon is rising
Over the lands of Twitch

Things getting freaky
A crazy random glitch
And then I started howling
Making Bill my b... ahaha

Gettin Lycan wit it
Aooo! Aoooo!!
Be like, I be like
Gettin Lycan wit it
Getting Lycan wit it
I be like, I be like
Watch out for the werewolf bitches

Roaming with the wolf pack
A team I will not ditch
Getting legendary
Rolling with Trapinch
I can rely on Kenya
When I am in a pinch
To send the mail saying:
“Bill you gonna be my bi-"

Aooo: Wait wait wait wait... Trapinch, this isn't how I wanted my song to go!

Trapinch: Uhhh.. sorry...

Aooo: Errrrrg, we're going to have to start from scratch, aren't we!?

Trapinch: Yeah, I guess so.

Aooo: ...Wait, I've got an idea! Let's try a little something... like this!

Trapinch: Sure, whatever.

Aoo: *clears throat*

Traveling with all her friends
And a heart that's golden
We can be
So kawaii
Sabrina it's you and me
With a wolf under my skin
Senpai will notice me!

Trapinch: ...Really?
Aooo: What? :)
Trapinch: THAT'S your song???
Aooo: Yeah! (◠‿◠✿) C'mon, let's do another verse!!
Aooo: *clears throat* Mi, mi, mi, mi...
Trapinch: Aaaaaawwwww hell naw!
Aooo: WAIT!
Trapinch: Maaaan, this is how we do!!
Aooo: No, TRAPINCH!!


Make em call my name: onomatopoeia
When my fangs start growing know I wanna meetcha
Getting down and dirty and maybe a little "furry"
Yo so what’s the hurry why you wanna run and scurry

Yo Sabrina what’s happening girl
You want to meet at the gym and rock my world
Some crazy shit gone down all up in here in Johto
And I want you to know that I rely on my Fossils


Not afraid to get a little dirty
It don't matter what they say about me
Rumours flying round about Sabrina
Not gonna lie I really wanna meet her

Your Normal is not ordinary
When you roll with me it get's a little hairy
I know there's a side of me that's scary
But just take a taste and you'll wanna get married

Gettin Lycan wit it...


from TALES OF T​.​P​.​P. (DELUXE), released December 25, 2014
Extra background vocals on the chibi desu part by Darcy McGuire.



all rights reserved


Church Of The Helix Choir

Church Of The Helix Choir brings you songs about the Lord Helix and the lore of Twitch Plays Pokémon!

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