Bacon was one of the Pokémon to most quickly succumb to the curse of the fire starters, only lasting for a day and a half in the TPP world.

As GMYC comes to terms with the startling loss of his starter Pokémon, he realizes the terrifying power of the Voices and questions the motives that led him to wanting to be chosen by them. He vows that even if he "sizzles" in the fire with these challenges, he won't burn away, no, and truly steps into his destiny as he understands, like Red and AJ before, that nothing is more important than enduring through the burden and stopping the Voices. He vows to carry this goal through as he remembers Bacon's parting words: to let the love of Helix lift him up and focus on his own road before him.



Good morning
Let me in
What's sizzlin?
You had a bad day
I'll be here as long as you need me to

How could it happen right away
After just one day
Are we that unlucky?
Is this what we've come to expect from T.P.P.?

So many Mons we lost
And right now I don't even know if I trust
In the Stream anymore...

Good mornin'
Let me in
What's sizzlin?
You had a bad day
I'll be here as long as you need me to
Now what are YOU gonna do?

Let the love
Of Helix
Lift you up
Higher than heaven
When the going gets crispy,
You don't have to miss me
You just gotta do YOU

So many generations
I can't remember just where it starts
But I'm sure there will be more to come

We felt the tragedy,
Then we lost even more
And I can't see a way out of this,
Unless the Voices fade away


I'm gonna sizzle
But not gonna burn
When I get my turn
Gotta make 'em learn there's a price to pay
For throwing all of their Pokémon away

[Chorus] x2


from TALES OF T​.​P​.​P. (DELUXE), released December 25, 2014



all rights reserved


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