Doctor Hoot: The Curious Case Of Brian

from by Church Of The Helix Choir



Doctor Hoot crashes through time and space in his mysterious spaceship to cross into the TPP universe and land in the mysterious region of Johto!! There he finds the dispirited "Brian the Pidgey", who lives under the shadow and expectation of "Bird Jesus" who came long before him.

Expected to carry on another legend in the name of Helix, Brian searches to figure out the kind of bird he wants to be and resents the pressure put on him. He just wants to be normal.

But Doctor Hoot knows a thing or two about how normal can truly be extraordinary! The solution will have you saying GERONIMO!!



DOCTOR HOOT: "Hang on! It's gonna be a wild one! Next stop, Johto!"

DOCTOR HOOT: "What's your name... Brian?"

The Voices brought me a psychologist
To PECK away at this complex
So that I don't feel so useless
In the shadow of Bird Jesus

His eyebrows furrowed with hypothesis
When I got all of these struggles off my chest
Could it be wibbly, wobbly, timey-wimey things?
Or is the answer right in front of me?

The Doctor gave me back my wings!
Let's fly on to Johto, as Pidgeotto!
Saving the world is ordinary

DOCTOR HOOT: "Brian, the impossible Pidgey... Now we're going to find out JUST who you REALLY are..."

His solution made me go "Geronimo!"
When you don't believe that you have control,
In a thousand voices you can find your own.
Even in a wibbly-wobbly universe.



from TALES OF T​.​P​.​P. (DELUXE), released December 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Church Of The Helix Choir

Church Of The Helix Choir brings you songs about the Lord Helix and the lore of Twitch Plays Pokémon!

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