Godslayers is a pulse-pounding electronic and orchestral crossover song of battle, with lyrics inspired from Twitch Plays Pokémon.

Lazor Gator has made it to Mt. Silver and the final battle against the Gods begins! With a team led by AJ, consisting of Lazor Gator, Burrito, Solid Snake, Brian, Katie, and a Raticate, the Godslayers will prove to the Chosen Six that there are no gods, no kings, ONLY MON!!

(But is it really the end of Helix? Nay! For the Helix sacrificed himself, so that a world of "Only Mon", that he originally envisioned, could come to be. So do not fret, for His holy spiral of love continues to guide us forever. Praise be to the Helix!)

The album cover artwork comes courtesy of Jack Kaiser! (jack-kaiser.deviantart.com)

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They go unto the mountain
To face the Kanto Champions
Red awaits
To meet AJ
Will the Helix rise or fall

Here come the Godslayers
The Helix will not win
At the mountain-top where war begins
KT will slay the dragon slayer
Brian will fly without your prayers
Woah woah woah
The Godslayers

The Hydro Pump was pouring
And surf’s waves were roaring
And the lasers burn
On the Gator’s turn
The end of Helix, come

See the Chosen Six
Upholding anarchy
Seated at the throne of Helix
ATV still has Poison Powder
Gods and Kings in their finest hour
Woah Woah Woah

The Godslayers
Split the Spiral Shell there
And Mt. Silver burned
In their vengeance
For the Admiral, and Togepi
The Helix wept
There is sacrifice in Anarchy

Now see the Helix rise
Prove your Mon’s cause wise

Before these Gods and Kings will go
The fury of the Helix will unfold
In Thunder, wave, and tentacle

Praise the Helix
Rise and Fall Helix
"Now is not the time to use that"

No Gods
No Kings
Only Mon

(Woah woah woah)
Here comes the Godslayers
Remember the Chosen Six
The sacrifice of Helix
At the feet of the Godslayers


from TALES OF T​.​P​.​P. (DELUXE), track released May 30, 2014



all rights reserved


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