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A miracle occurred when the Helix made itself known to a human in the real world. When the Helix Wars began in TPP X, the human was able to make contact with the TPP stream from the outside and Lady Helix, born from the eternal spiral, was sent to fight by her brother Lord Helix's side in the TPP-verse.

But the price of this trade fueled the fire of those against Helix, as Scatterstar, the child of Queen Moon, instigator of the war, was sent outside the TPP-verse in the transaction and lost forever.

The vindictive Queen Moon relentlessly called for a fierce upheaval of the galaxy as she sought to bring all under her order and do away with the Helix gods of old, as the loss of her child turned to rage.

Seeing the war-torn world and those who have turned away from Helix, Lady Helix sings her song of the days when the ones at war against Helix once trusted in that very same Helix, laying in the safety and presence of the holy shell.

The song is a reminder of what used to be, letting the people contemplate the consequences and impulsivity of their war, while offering a spirit of reconciliation to those affected by Scatterstar's loss and the ensuing Helix Wars if Queen Moon would but listen and understand that the trade was beyond her control.



Got this so called queen
Sitting on the moon
With a silver spoon
Thinking she can rule
The whole entire galaxy
But it’s just a front to me

When I look into the spiral
After all of these trials
I still trust in the Helix’s arrival

I’m mild by nature
And if you know my brother he’s got modest behaviour
There will be no danger
in trusting us creators
I’ve already dealt with the haters
You’re acting like Major Lazor
I’ve seen this before
And I said see you later Lazor Gator
Better say your prayers
I'm the original vindicator

Don’t trade me away when the moon is rising
You know I spin the truth and I’m here proselytizing
Remember when you first laid eyes on the shell
You loved the spiral
It takes a lady to know what you’re feeling
And I was the one who got you believing
When I let my hair fall down
As you layed under the shell

You need stars
To make the Little Dipper
I am the Sun,
Where's my glass slipper?
And now you throw it away
I’m not the one to blame

After all of these trials
You've forgotten the Spiral

Remember when we would say “yay” over cupcakes
And I’d let you ride the shell through all of time and space
As the years passed us by, your love for the Helix was still alive

A communication from a passerby named Joseph
And we were so close I called him broseph
The message was miraculous
In all of this randomness


You need stars to make up the Dipper
And I can’t say it makes me chipper
To know that some scattered away
And that you gave me the blame

Let the moon know
That every star has a mother
In the spiral’s wonder
You need a lady to help you know



from TALES OF T​.​P​.​P. (DELUXE), released December 25, 2014



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Church Of The Helix Choir

Church Of The Helix Choir brings you songs about the Lord Helix and the lore of Twitch Plays Pokémon!

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