In the Randomized Kanto, product of Blll's Randomizer, a uniting force and resistance against evil still exists. Under the leadership of Meow Zedong, the Meowists, followers of Commewnism, fight for their liberty and ideals.

In a new world, a new movement is the only way to create a better future. Meow Zedong intends to show them the way.



Brother and sisters
Lend me your whiskers and paws
There is revolution coming
Under the leadership of Meow Zedong
Lift up your banners and take up the fight
We’ll bring the message through the land tonight

Meowists, lift up your sights
We will take up the fight
We learned to paw and claw
Under Meow Zedong
Million hearts beat as one
The roar of feline sons
There will be a new city
Built on the backs of kitties

Arise, in this perilous time
Be free from slavery
Let the revolution come
Under our purrfect chairman

When it’s his time to go
We’ll follow on the road
That he CUT long ago
Marching through Kanto

Commewnists, march on
When our chairman is gone
Crossing the mountains
For glorious Zedong

A new society
Where we can be free
Because of Chairman Meow
(Chairman Meow, Chairman Meow)

We’ll follow Chairman Meow
We’ll follow Chairman Meow
Our purrfect leader spreading
Commewnism through the world

We’ll follow Chairman Meow
We’ll follow Chairman Meow
Long live Chairman Meow
For 10, 000 cat years

And we’ll march on
Till all the catnip’s gone
We’ll fight with tooth and claw
For our chairman Meow Zedong


from TALES OF T​.​P​.​P. (DELUXE), released December 25, 2014



all rights reserved


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