On their quest to battle Lord Helix at Mt. Silver, Lazor Gator and AJ came across the skilled and enigmatic mercenary "Solid Snake"-code named "Metal Gear-on Victory Road.

He proves himself as a stalwart ally and instrumental in bringing the Godslayers to their goal, second only to Lazor Gator in level. His instincts and skills on the battlefield allow him to read his team-mates extremely well, and he is ready to launch a critical maneuver at a moment's notice.

He's a loner and dreamer, and having been born high in the mountains of Johto, he's never lost his appreciation and wonder for the sights and wonders of the natural world.



Give me a Rare Candy
and I'll take you wherever you want to go.
I'm the STRENGTH you need,
if you want bring an EARTHQUAKE to Victory Road

We've accomplished so many STRUGGLES
We got through so many battles
And I'm no hero, no
I'm just here to do some wet work for a while

Our partnership is like a C4
Getting ready to explode
My finger's on the trigger
And I'm getting ready to send the signal

Come and ride on my shoulders
See the world from atop these boulders
Pass on a future that you believe in
I was born in the mountains
Just a young little nano-machine then
Now people dress like me at OOOTTAAAKKKOOONN!!

I'm on a sneaking mission
To be unseen, is my goal
I brought a cardboard box
And it is ten meters tall.
Even though war has changed,
One thing remains the same.



Never be spotted.
When you believe,
your dreams become SOLID.





from TALES OF T​.​P​.​P. (DELUXE), released December 25, 2014



all rights reserved


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