Misty's Song (Remix)

from by Church Of The Helix Choir



"2BA Master", the first Pokémon CD based on the anime was released in 1999 by Koch Records, and was the first album I ever owned, so making a cover of one it's most iconic songs has been a long time coming for me. I mostly made it because I thought it would be both hilarious and nostalgic, but if you want to you could think of it as if Ash was singing to Misty, flipping the characters around from the original version of the song.

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Out here in the quiet of the night,
Beneath the stars, and moon
We both know we've got something on our minds
We won't admit, but it's true

You look at me, I look away.

I wanna tell you what I'm feeling,
But I don't know how to start
I wanna tell you, but now
I'm afraid that you might break my heart
Oh, why should anything so easy ever
Be so hard to do?
I wanna tell you what I'm feeling,
And to say that, I love you.

I practice all the things that I could say,
Line by line, every word
I tell myself today could be the day,
But every time, I lose my nerve

I look at you, you look away


Why? Why do you turn away?
It must be, you're afraid like me
I try, but I can't pretend that I
Don't feel for you the way I do
Can't you see?



from Dream Red, track released January 26, 2015
Vocals, instruments, production, and arrangement by Mark Roebbelen.

Misty's Song Original Version Credits:

(C) 1999 Koch Records
Lead vocal: Yvette Laboy
BG vocals: Russell Velázquez, Sharon Bryant, Elaine Caswell, Ken Cummings
Guitars: Glen Sherman
Co-produced and arranged by Ken Cummings
Producer: John Loeffler

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