"Praise The Helix" hit #1 in Canada on Bandcamp (as well as many other categories!!!)

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Praise the Helix! Let the awe and wonder of our Lord surround you as you listen to this heart-stirring choral anthem while watching the TPP stream!



Praise Thee Oh Blessed Helix
Who Doth Guide Me Past The Ledge
And Giveth Holy Bird To Guide Us
With Gust and Sand-Attack

Helix We Consult Thee
Set Straight Our Frantic Path

Oak May Say It's Not The Time For That
But You Keep Us From Dome's Wrath

Helix Thou My Riches
I Will Toss My Nugget For Thee

When Those Who Press Start Try My Path
Thou Raise Thy Saints Of B

Rest Blessed Abby
Rest Jay Leno
You Were Not Released In Vain
Forever Helix Keep Them

As We Surf Forwards
And Cut Every Tree
The Helix Ever Will Be My Strength
As I Fly To Anarchy...


from TALES OF T​.​P​.​P. (DELUXE), track released February 25, 2014



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Church Of The Helix Choir

Church Of The Helix Choir brings you songs about the Lord Helix and the lore of Twitch Plays Pokémon!

Full tracklist: cothc.bandcamp.com

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