Praise the TPP Streamer.


Typing A and B
Every single day
And I’ll never let
These moments fade away

Sometimes I wonder
If the streamer hears my words
Or if the cry of Helix
Is lost in the Stream

The Streamer Speaks
It echoes from Australia
He remains anonymous
With a humble confidence

Ask the Joeys
On the Outback’s plains
They whisper of his coding
He changed the world with programming
And I believe…

When the Streamer Speaks
I believe…

I found myself
On the stream everyday
Beyond Kotaku’s articles
Beyond the hype...

And all I want
Is to play TPP
And see what he’ll program next
And give something new a chance

[Chorus] x2


from TALES OF T​.​P​.​P. (DELUXE), released December 25, 2014



all rights reserved


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