Before the events of TPP Red, there were the Voices. The swirling, dark, enticing, beautiful, and terrifying swath of and words and directional impulses that choose an individual to inhabit. Their origin and purpose are a mystery, but it is known that they will bring great power with great calamity to the one they dwell in.

Made up of every aspect of speech, thought, and communication, the words range from trollish nonsense to immaculate eloquence.

Though not much is yet known about the Voices, they have played a central role in every Tale of T.P.P.

This is the song formed in the darkness of that stream of words. The words were pieced together from Red's memories, taken by researchers long after his journey, and appear to be exactly what he heard at the beginning of his quest through Kanto as the first chosen "host". Further studies into "the song of The Voices" showed that the melody over top is not in fact singing at all, but the only way our brains can process what is really happening: trillions of voices occurring all at once. Somehow, somewhat spookily, we believe we clearly hear the words of our native language.



The Voices will guide your way
Let the Voices have their say

You cannot see where we are from
That's something better left unknown
From another world
Your time has not yet come
The Voices won’t leave you alone
Not even the Fossils will keep you from us
Just trust us

Trust Us
Let Us In...

There is no time for questions
There is only the obsession
And you are our possession
The game is the lesson

You cannot know where we are from
Your time has now come
Do not be frightened
When you let the night in
From places yet unknown
The Voices found a new home
Inside your skull
May silence never return

The Voices would guide his way
The Voices would guide her way
Let the Voices have their say
The Voices would guide their way


from TALES OF T​.​P​.​P. (DELUXE), released December 25, 2014



all rights reserved


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